Teen Depression-Editorial

by Naon Davis

Teen Depression is common in many teenagers today.  The stress is school, parents, grades, peer pressure and drugs and media.  Sometimes the media influence our attitudes and behavior.  As we grow up it is hard to find ourselves, with different surroundings and people with different personalities.  Sometimes we will have to space ourselves from others, to know what we want to become as a person.  It is hard to be a teen and don’t fit in with others.  I know because, i was an outcast at once.  Some teens will do anything to fit in, including things they aren’t comfortable with.

 Sometimes being alone and your own friend give you some type of independence.  Teens that don’t know how to be independent will become too dependent.  Some parents don’t know when their child is going through things because, they don’t talk to them.  That’s why it is important for the parent to try to talk to their child everyday.  It is healthy to talk about things that makes you depress but, not only your parents but other people who will listen.  Many teens have problems from their parents relationships, it sometimes rub off on them.  The father will not be around or the parents have a bad relationship.  This will make the teen feel worthless or that it is their fault.

 That will lead to self destructing and suicidal thoughts or actions.  Many teens try to ignore things like that, but it still affect them in many ways because they can do things to themselves that nobody knows about.  School is hard on teens too because, it is hard to keep up your grades and you have personal problems too.  It makes a teen feel overwhelmed and drained out a lot of time.

 When a teen household have financial problems, that also makes and teen depress.  Many teens want to do what their friends buy and do, but if they don’t have enough money, it makes them feel poor and useless.  Sometimes as teens we have to come together and talk to each other, instead of judging each other.

2 thoughts on “Teen Depression-Editorial

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  2. I feel depressed many times also. I don’t know why but there are times when I feel very bad and depressed. I like what you said about talking to others. That makes a lot of sense.

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